REVIEW: TOPSHOP Lipstick in On The Town [Photos & Swatches]

Topshop lipstick is comparable to a MAC with an amplified finish. 
Think of Mac Blankety; I once had that shade and I think they are 8/10 similar.
Amplifieds are known to be pigmented and has a cream finish; most loved formula from MAC if I may say.
[I am more on the matte and satin finish tho when it comes to MAC hehe]

I got this 'cause I have a certain withdrawal syndrome when it comes to
anything purple, lilac, lavender ...even up to the palest mauve.
Eh, who am I kidding.
Straight off the hook,
it was a simple case of Topshop Taunting.
Actually for its price (SGD19.90)  I can just add around SGD10 ....
And I'd already have a brand new  MAC lipstick .

But hey, a few friends told me TOPSHOP lipsticks is worth the mention....
doesn't hurt to buy a tube eh?

tadadadida !
my first ever TOPSHOP lipstick in the shade of?
On the Town

Sweet. Pastel. Lilac. 
Just sweet. 
Look at that cute packaging and the tube itself.
Not the durable type though as it's plastic and attracts a lot of dirt.


One swipe. 

Second we go.

Formula is soft and creamy! 
Do note that this is slippery...
it's expected that the staying power's already a major boo boo.

Got the hobby of settling in crevice;
cracks and lines lumbering in thy lips.
No funky smell and taste fortunately.

A single coat would not make the cut;
you can build up the color but again expect unevenness.

Colour is not my cuppa tea but there is something...
just a certain something with this shade that makes me like it somehow.
What's that?
Well, uhm....ahhh....still trying to figure it out I guess. hehe. sorry.
It ain't awful to me, but not that wonderful either.
Any thoughts on this shade?

Would you wear this shade or d'ya haf a lippie similar to this?
All I can think of now is MAC:
Lavender Whip, Snob, Up The Amp?
There was also a similar shade released from the Archie's Collection
but then I don't have that so I can't really say if it's the exact dupe.
Thanks for looking!

On the town Slacking on my lips.
Pardon the bare naked face.
Do I look like ...
am gonna gate crash a Halloween party soon? 
am gonna be in the cast of TITANIC 2? Harlow Hypothermia.




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